Monday, 24 April 2017

Tips to score well in MAT- 2017

This year's last MAT exam is just around the corner and with candidates having to solve 200 questions in 150 minutes, it is necessary to understand which questions should be put more importance upon, and how the preparation should ideally be streamlined! Because it is your MAT score that will decide if you are eligible for the best of B-schools in India!

Few points to help you score well in MAT:

A net score of more than 82 marks (excluding GK score) is equivalent to an overall percentile of more than 99, while a net score more than 93 marks stands for a percentile of more than 99.9. To achieve this score, make sure to use these tips:
  • Always keep yourself updated with complete syllabus of MAT.
  • Make a time schedule and divide your time efficiently in each subject.
  • Solve as many previous years question papers, mock tests and online tests as you can.
  • Learn tricks, maths short-cuts, memory methods, so as to solve the tests papers in an easy and efficient manner.
  • Keep preparing your personal notes as you cover topics.
  • Make a strategy that how to answer the maximum number of questions in the limited time.
  • Don’t waste a lot of time in questions that are more time taking.
  • Lastly, be absolutely confident about attempting the exam.

Time division is essential in order to make sure that all the five sections of the entire paper can be attended properly. Following time division and the paper difficulty level should give you adequate time to attempt a balanced number of questions from each section, with the possibility of the best percentile:

Section name
No. of Questions
Suggested time
Difficulty Level
Language comprehension
30 min
Mathematical skills
40 min
Data Analysis & Sufficiency
35 min
Intelligence & critical reasoning
30 min
Indian and global environment
15 min
Moderately Difficult

Important dates:
Last day of application: 28th April; 20178
Offline exam: 7th May; 2017
Online Exam: 13th May; 2017

ASM group of Institutes wishes all the aspiring MAT candidates all the very best!

ASM’s IBMR (DTE code: 6102)
ASM’s IPS (DTE code: 6166)
ASM’s IIBR (DTE code: 6249)
ASM’s IMCOST (DTE code: 3125)

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