Tuesday, April 26, 2016


ASM has regularly provided the corporate world with well-prepared professionals, and industry leaders. This history of excellence has been validated by the fact that ASM Group of Institutes has been consistently ranked amongst the top B-Schools in India.

ASM’s Job Fair:
ASM Group of Institutes, Chinchwad Pune in association with Jijai Pratisthan (Pimpri - Chinchwad) & Pratibha Mahila Pratisthan (Pimpri- Pune) have organized the two days Job Fair at ASM's IBMR Campus. The students crowd from in and around Maharashtra started coming since morning to get the entry for job fair. For registrations, students have to fill the form to get the entry. Each registered student got a list of companies with exact details of interview process.

Participated Companies
There were 160 companies participating in the Job Fair:
Country Club, Excide, Flipkart, SBI Life Insurance, Tata, TCS, Vodafone, Eureka Forbes and many more.
This event had the potential to create over ten thousand job opportunities. 

Inauguration Ceremony:
The job fair was inaugurated by Girish Bapat in the presence of Laxman Jagtap, Navnath Jagtap, D. Pawar - Deputy Director of employment division, Dr. Sandeep Pachpande, Chairman of ASM Group of Institutes, and Dr. Asha PachPande – Managing Trustee & Secretary of ASM.  Girish Mantri addressed the problem of unemployment is growing day by day. The students are not getting job as per their qualifications. So he urged students to not look for a package but for good profiles which will take them towards the better career.

There was an overwhelming response to this job fair. This fair attracted towards 160+ companies offering a variety of jobs in all sectors..

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Monday, April 25, 2016


ASM Group of Institutes has continuously providing well – rounded professionals to the corporate world. ASM has been consistently ranked amongst the top B-schools in terms of education and placements.

The ASM Group of Institutes has an excellent track record of placements, with over 55,000+ alumni placed across the country in various sectors. ASM alumni’s and institute will work together to build a strong network in corporates and help students to choice the company based on their interest and skills.

JOB PROCESSES:          
Employers organize or attend job fairs because they want to meet a lot of job seekers in a shorter period of time. A job fair consists of dozens of corporate recruiters setting up on a college campus to fill the positions. Through job fairs students can get the opportunity to explore different career fields, learn about internships and full-time job openings, and make connections with hiring organizations.

The ASM Group of Institutes in association with Jijai Pratisthan (Pimpri - Chinchwad) & Pratibha Mahila Pratisthan (Pimpri- Pune) organizing a Job Fair on Monday & Tuesday i.e 25th - 26th April at ASM's IBMR Campus. There are 100+ leading companies are recruiting students at different level positions.

Many job process involves employers screening resumes, cover letters and then start with telephonic round. This process is lengthy and time consuming. So take advantage of opportunities to meet employers face-to-face at one ground.

Venue: ASM’s IBMR Campus
Date: 25th-26th April 2016

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Growing Career in Foreign Trade


Foreign Trade is the exchange of products and services between countries, it's the import of products and services to the house country and export of products and services to foreign countries. Businesses now a days are not simply restricted to the countries. Globalization has completely transformed the business scenario in India. Foreign trade is growing tremendously and is naturally attracting more and more MNCs to set up businesses in India and abroad.

As many Indian companies are starting businesses in foreign or going abroad for joint ventures there is a growing need of personnel skilled people in international trade. A career in international business has thus become a profitable option offering global job opportunities for those who are pursuing courses in foreign trade and international business.


Foreign Trade could be a the most demanded profession as it's a mixture of all the segments like selling, documentation, shipping and packaging, pricing, sourcing, costing, distribution, research, export finance and exchange. Professionals in this field will get employment in each non-public and public sector.

Public sector will provide jobs opportunity within the State mercantilism Corporation, Mineral mercantilism Corporation, World Trade Organization, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, International money, and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Courses available:

ASM group of institute provides its students with the special diploma course i.e. POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN FOREIGN TRADE that could help them to gain competitive advantage as the main objective of this course is to develop a competent team of business executives to meet the country's growing requirements for personnel in the field of Foreign Trade Management. The programme aims at providing a relative view of global business through a comprehensive coverage incorporating all the important areas and disciplines relevant to Foreign Trade Activities.

Qualification required according to ASM institutes are:

Any graduate with 45% marks (40% for reserved category students, graduated from University within Maharashtra), equivalent grade (b+) or those who are appearing for their final year degree examination in any discipline of an approved University.

Hurry up! Admissions open and only limited seats available. Don't miss this golden opportunity of enrolling yourself in ASM. For more details:

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Careers in Marketing

Marketing is a form of communication between you and your customers with the goal of selling your product or service to them. That is the reason why Masters in Marketing has become one of the most desired degrees by both students and employers in recent years as every company needs a marketing manager who can frame the best marketing strategies and can help to increase the market value. An employee would do MBA in marketing because it's a career that gives wide range of opportunities and is quite profitable.

Required skills:
A MBA graduate who has the required skills of marketing is highly demanded by all the firms. These skills should include both mathematics and the softer skills, such as communications, tend to fare well in MBA in marketing specializations. Other desired skills for marketing typically include analytical and leadership skills.

Courses offered by ASM:

MASTER'S IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT: MMM Program of University of Mumbai is a mix of Marketing related and general courses, which include the functional areas of Marketing Management like industrial marketing, marketing research, consumer behavior, public sector marketing etc. The course content & study emphasizes, creation of business application, rather than mere marketing.

POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT: To equip young graduates with essential principles and practices of Marketing Management and to enable them to take up employment in industrial and commercial establishments ASM institutes provide their students with this special PGDMM course.

The students, who have done the MBA in marketing, have a lot of job opportunities in both government and private sector. The candidate having the MBA in marketing degree can earn the 40000 to 65000 per month in India. The salary structure depends on the position and reputation of the employer firm.

  1. Marketing Manager
  2.  Brand manager
  3. Asset Management
  4. Corporate sales
  5. Market Research Analyst
  6. Sales Manager
  7. Media Planner
  8. Product Manager
  9. Head of Digital Marketing
  1. Overseeing the company’s marketing budget.
  2. Co-ordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities.
  3. Preparing online and print marketing campaigns.
  4. Monitor and report on effectiveness of marketing communications.

However, if you are interested for a career that is challenging but yet is most demanding then the role of the marketing manager is just made for you.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

How to Crack MBA Entrance Examinations ?

Masters of Business Administration is a good option for those who want to make their career in the management field. MBA is considered as one of the most valuable Post Graduate degrees in this country. An MBA is required for getting into executive and senior management positions of any company. But getting into a good B-School is not an easy task, it takes weeks of hard work and dedication. The only thing that one can do is work really hard. There is no substitute for hard work. Anyone who is willing to put in efforts, will get the result.
Here are some ways that will help you to crack the MBA entrance exams:

·         Analyse your strengths and weaknesses:-
To crack any management entrance exam, self-awareness about your strengths,
Weaknesses and aspirations is the most important factor. If you are confident about your goal, half the battle is already won.

·        Be thorough with your fundamentals:-
Revisions of the fundamentals of each topic are extremely crucial to secure a good score.

·        Time versus Target:-
While preparing your plan of action for the CAT exam, fastidiously implement the concept of "time v/s target" i.e. completing any particular portion of a subject or topic in an assigned time period.

·        Practice your shortcuts well:-
Although management exams are traditionally conceptual exams based on core fundamentals, being conversant with all the shortcuts would help you to solve various problems with greater speed.

·        Remember the larger goal:-
Apart from focusing on cracking the exam, you should not forget that excelling in this exam would bring you closer to your larger goal of making it big in the corporate world and that would, in turn, enable you to imbibe the much needed perseverance, dedication and grit required to ace the exam.

·        Beyond Studies:-
We know it’s important to study hard and spend a few hours daily on preparation but it is also important to have time for yourself for doing things that you enjoy in order to feel refreshed. 

·        Practice the verbal section thoroughly and learn at least 10-20 new English words everyday.
·        Solve as many mock Question Papers as you can.

Talk to people who have done it in the past. Have a positive frame of mind throughout. Work hard, work smart and All the best