How to Choose the Best Business School and MBA Program

Like so many degrees before it, the MBA has become a leading choice for youngsters who want to create a successful career and future. Today, you will find numerous colleges around the country offering MBA programs. With so many choices, and with stories of MBAs unable to get jobs, has the MBA program lost its luster? The answer is ‘No’. It is not just the MBA program that matters it is the business school from where you graduate that is also important.

Finding the right business school and MBA program is not just about looking at rankings and choosing a prestigious institute. The program should help you gain knowledge, contribute to your personal development, and enhance your professional knowledge.

6 Steps to Finding the Right Business School and MBA Program

The following are the six main points you need to look into when searching for the right school and program.

1. Ask Yourself, “Why do I want to do an MBA?” - It is extremely important that you understand your own reasons for doing an MBA. Do you wish to specialize in fields like finance, marketing, or HR? Are you looking at a career change? Do you wish to break a glass ceiling that is preventing you from getting promotions at your workplace? Do you wish to start your own business or become an entrepreneur? These are some of the points on which you should have clarity. Once you understand them, you will know what kind of program to look for.

2. Check out the Location of the School and Program - Once you are clear on why you want to do an MBA, you will probably begin your research on finding the right school. The location of the school can actually help you advance your career.

For example, if you are looking to enter the world of finance, you should check the cities that are known for large financial institutions like banks, stock exchanges, etc. Also, the location will give better opportunities to get exposed to practical work situations, which can prepare you for your future job. You can also use the opportunities to create a strong network of contacts.

3. Ensure that the Program Provides All-round Development - The MBA program should not only focus on your strengths, but should also help you improve on your weaknesses. Be it the teaching methodology, intra and interclass activities, industry visits, or talks with guest faculty members, every experience should give you an opportunity to learn and expand on your knowledge and skills. They should also help you strengthen a skill that may not be your strength.

4. Speak to the Alumni - While researching on the Internet, speak to students and alumni to get information on the school and program. Try to contact as many people as you can. Ask a few general questions to all of them. You can also seek out an alumnus who has specialized in the same field you wish to work in, and ask him/her whether the program has added to his/her skills and knowledge. You can ask about other topics like placements, internships, etc. as well.

5. Consider the Overall Time and Investment - Let’s be frank. Doing an MBA program is not cheap, and it is time consuming. Ensure that the program will end up becoming a profitable investment in the future. If you are still not sure about a certain business school, you should look at the next point.

6. Consider Alternate Business School and Programs - While this may seem like an obvious point, sometimes, we are so confident or determined to get into one particular college that we may not consider other options. And God forbid, if we don’t get in, it would be a huge problem. So always, have backup colleges and apply to them along with your first choice.

Finding the right business school and MBA program can be time consuming. However, in the end, the right choice can certainly catapult you into a successful future.

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Key Points to Remember while Choosing a Management Institute

Nowadays, education is not limited to earning knowledge of a particular field of your interest. Every field requires professionals to have good management skill set. That is why many students are opting for management courses after their graduation. There are even executive management programs available especially for working professionals. However, with the abundance in colleges or institutes that offer diplomas or degrees in management, it gets tricky for aspirants to choose the right institute.

Below are certain key points that you should consider while choosing a management institute for better future prospects.

  1. Accreditation and Affiliation: If you want your MBA degree or management diploma to hold value in the job market, then it is important that you pursue the course from a reputed institute that is accredited by the educational body, and is affiliated to a renowned university. Nowadays, cases of false affiliation have risen especially in metropolitan cities. Make sure that you do a thorough background check of the institute before enrolling for the course.

  2. Global Appeal of the MBA Degree: The main aim of a management degree is to enhance your chances of professional growth not only in your country but on a global platform. It is thus essential that your MBA degree is recognized globally so that you can get work opportunities overseas as well.

  3. Specialization Offered by the Institute: Management institutes offer generalized MBA as well as certain specialized management degrees or diploma as well. You should opt for the institute that offers specialization of your choice so that you can enter a niche market once you finish the course. Note that by taking up a specialization management program, you will narrow down your options. So if you are not sure of your choice for the career in future, it is advisable to go for an institute that offers general MBA degree program.

  4. Placement Record of the Institute: Nowadays, it is a trend followed by many institutes to advertise that they provide 100% placement assistance. While this may sound impressive at first, note that all they are providing is assistance for you to get a job. Instead, you should opt for an institute that not only has an operational placement cell but has a record of multinationals and SMEs visiting for on-campus placement.

These are the key points that focus on the quality and market value of management degrees offered by an MBA institute. To pursue an all-inclusive MBA degree from a reputed institute, visit our website.
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Job Fair for Women - Amazing Employment Opportunities for Ladies at ASM, Pune

ASM’s Institute of Business Management and Research (IBMR) is one of the leading institutes in Pune that is spearheading the trend of organizing job fairs for students and professionals. The institute previously organized two job fairs in October 2013 and January 2014. Both events saw immense success with over 1,000 students and professionals attending.

This time, IBMR wanted to make their next job fair stand out. The institute’s faculty had been noticing the continually rising demand for women professionals in MNCs. To support this ongoing action, ASM’s IBMR decided to organize an exclusive Job Fair for Women.

Taking place on Thursday August 8, 2014, the Job Fair for Women is the first-of-its-kind event in the entire state of Maharashtra. The institute is organizing the event at the IBMR campus at ‘C’ Block, MIDC, Chinchwad. Another unique factor about this event is that it is open to women from all walks of life, including freshers, ITI graduates, and home makers.

The main idea behind the job fair is to give women exclusive opportunities to apply for jobs in various companies around the city. The job fair will have some of the best and well-known organizations from Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad participating. Also, a special seminar on the topic ‘Self Employment’ will be conducted in an effort to encourage women to work from home, start their own business, etc.

 For this event, ASM is collaborating with the Employment & Self Employment Guidance Centre – Government of Maharashtra, and ‘Tanishq’, an initiative of Sakal Papers Pvt. Ltd. So ladies, visit ASM’s IBMR on August 8 and grab the opportunity of a lifetime.
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Part Time Master Degree Courses from University of Pune

Pune University is one of the oldest and prestigious universities that is committed to quality and excellence in education. Nowadays, students from all walks of the country and from aboard opt to pursue higher studies from the Pune University and from its affiliated colleges after being attracted with its contemporary course structure and dynamic curriculum.

What are the Part Time Courses Offered at Pune University?

Along with offering full time master degree courses in several disciplines, Pune University campus is also known as one of the top most destinations to pursue part time post graduation courses. There are multitudes of post master degree programs offered by the University with flexible timings and budget-friendly fees structure.

Students who seek to pursue part time post graduation course in any of the following discipline will find the University and its affiliated colleges the most ideal place.

Master of Business Studies (MBS) – The course, which is equivalent to executive MBA, equips you to become management executives with necessary expertise and knowledge in both theory and practice.

Post Graduate Diploma in Materials and Logistics Management (PGDMLM) – Upon the completion of this course, you will be equipped to take challenging responsibilities in the field of materials and logistics management with request skills and knowledge.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDM) – With frequently modified course structure combining with a lively curriculum, the course enables you to gain comprehensive insights on the contemporary business management principles, theories and concepts.

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM) – Those who seek to learn essential principles and practices of marketing management to build a promising career in the field of marketing will find this course suitable.

Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation (PGDT) – To make students proficient in the areas of ascertaining taxable income, tax planning, tax procedure & tax management, University of Pune has formulated the PGDT course.

Post Graduate Diploma in International Business (PGDIB) – The course enables aspiring students to understand global business scenario and to take up competitive global challenges.

(Note - For more information about the aforementioned part time master degree courses, contact Pune University at the earliest)

ASM Group of Institutes – The Best College Affiliated to Pune University to Pursue Above said Courses

Since seats are limited at the University campus for the aforesaid part time courses, you may require seleting any of the affiliate's college to pursue the course of your interest. ASM Group of Institutes can be chosen to pursue your dreams as it is the best in the educational industry known for delivering quality education.

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ASM Group's Scholarship Program and Awards

ASM is one of the prominent institutes in India that stands committed to help students to acquire excellence in education by supporting them all the way of their course period. We have been functioning to provide unmatched learning experience to students without a business oriented mind.

Know About the Scholarship Programs and Awards at ASM

Students are our asset; we have been tirelessly working to make their life at the campus productive and rich. We identify meritorious students and provide them with financial aids in the form of scholarship, so that they can manage the cost and financial expense to complete their study. With the help of the scholarship we provide, students can continue their studies without placing huge monitory burden on their families. ASM’s financial aids and scholarship have found to be highly useful for those students who are financially in poor conditions, but show excellence in education.

How We Helps Our Students?

We support meritorious students by providing them with scholarship and awards at the right time.
  • Faculty of every department recognizes talents in their own respective branches and helps them to acquire scholarship as per the rules of UGC.
  • The institute itself takes initiatives to provide financial and coaching aids on a regular basis to meritorious students.
  • Deserving students get support from the college in the form of subsidized hostel fees, free books and reading material from library and free of cost mentoring programs.
  • The institute also provides opportunities for commendable students to participate in special seminars and conferences in India and abroad free of cost. This helps our students to gain a global exposure and additional knowledge than they receive from the classrooms.
  • ASM presents Excellence Awards as part of its academic activities to provide the toppers with financial assistance in order to support their ways towards a bright and promising career.
  • The institute motivates talented students by awarding them with Merit Certificates; this helps the students to add value to their credentials and help acquiring better career placements.
ASM’s management and faculty stand besides the students to fulfill their ambitions. We offer comprehensive support to meet the goals of our students by providing required facilities, atmosphere, motivation and financial aid at the right time.

Wish to study in ASM that is dedicated and committed towards providing quality education? Secure your seat this academic year; we help you to achieve your dreams!
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