Monday, June 19, 2017

Why pursue Masters of Computer Application in today’s time?

Are you puzzled between the questions like, ‘What is MCA? Why MCA? Why pursue it?’
Before you choose any course to make your career, it is necessary to know about the course, specializations, benefits, career opportunities, etc. Here we are providing you detailed information on MCA.

Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) is a post-graduate degree in computer applications. This is a senior level course that prepares professionals to meet the complex demands of the IT industry. It emphasizes on planning, designing and building of complex commercial application software and system software.
MCA is a three years long programme and it covers various topics from information technology, business management and mathematics. Students who join course are introduced to software engineering aspects. This program demonstrates sound knowledge in key areas of computer science or industrial computing. It also carries out the required analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems and computer applications.
MCA is not just a post graduate program but it is a complete professional grooming for students for a successful career in the IT industry. MCA students can also specialize themselves in fields like Hardware Technology, Software Development, System Engineering, System Development, Application software.

Career Prospects: Listed below are the career prospects for students who pursue MCA:
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Consultant
  • Network Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Test Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineers

Scope: Ample amount  of job opportunities are available in the field of MCA. Candidates having an MCA degree may have great employment opportunities in top IT companies and top consultancy firms.
At present, with the advancement of IT & Communication systems, people with good computer application skills are highly demanded in IT sector. MCA qualified students can find jobs easily in government and private sector. Numerous job are available in both the sectors.

Recruiters: Companies are like IBM, NTPC , GAIL, BHEL, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant are some of the finest recruiters in this sphere.

Found it promising?
If you’re looking for an excellent college to pursue MCA and give a kickstart to your future then ASM is the place for you. Watch this space to know how ASM can give great heights to your future!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply today!
Admissions for the academic year 2017-2018 are open now.

For Admissions:
Mob: 9422009207 /09/10/12

ASM’s IBMR - DTE Code - 6102
ASM’s IMCOST - DTE Code - 3125

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What makes ASM an excellent college for MBA?

In our previous blog we talked about what makes an MBA an attractive course to pursue.
It indeed is a valuable possession opening up doors to plethora of opportunities. Just the reason it becomes equally important to pursue it from the best college. If you’re still hunting for ‘THAT’ one college, well your hunt halts here.

ASM is the 1st B-School in India to collaborate with Harvard Business School’s initiative HBX CORe certification programme. Established in 1983, the Audyogik Shikshan Mandal (ASM) has completed 34 glorious years in the field of education.Through this period, ASM has regularly provided the corporate world with well-prepared professionals, and industry leaders. This history of excellence has been validated by the fact that ASM Group of Institutes has been consistently ranked amongst the top B-Schools in India.
Below are the 25 reasons what makes ASM an excellent college for MBA.

  1. Case study method of Teaching.
  2. Associations with Oracle, IBM and others to provide value addition to the courses
  3. A strong Legacy of 34 years & 60,000+ Alumni in top notch companies.
  4. Co-curricular activities, Inter-collegiate competitions., Mentoring & counselling, Industry-Institute-Interfacing, Study tours, Extracurricular activities, Workshops, Team building , exercises, Overseas internship., Seminars, Intra-collegiate competitions, Industry visits and much more..
  5. All full time Masters Degree Courses are approved by AICTE & Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.
  6. Well ventilated classrooms equipped with black and white boards, podiums, presentation aids and facility for connecting modern audio-visual equipment.
  7. Top Recruiting Companies like : Nestle,  ITC, Godrej, Volkswagen, NTPC, Barclays, Whirlpool,ICICI, Greenply, Borosil, IT, Capgemini, etc
  8. Residential facilities at the institute’s hostel, with separate premises for boys and girls, which are located close to multiplexes, shopping malls, hospitals and restaurants etc with 24x7 Wi-Fi connectivity.
  9. International faculty to give a complete insight into the global corporate world
  10. Well-equipped gymnasium and various sports facilities like chess, carom, table tennis, volleyball, basketball.
  11. IBMR is one of the few institutes in India to adopt the case study methodology of teaching and also into developing case studies and conducting case study resolution competitions for industries in India and abroad.
  12. Ranked amongst top B-Schools in India by Business Barons, The Week, Business Chronicle & Business World.
  13. Ranked 1st in Pune by AIMA in consecutive years.
  14. The institute has a highly efficient Research Cell that provides consultancy and research work for the industries & offers MDP's and helps research scholars for their research projects.
  15. Location Advantage of being amidst the industrial belt to help industry interaction for students.
  16. Over 200 organizations visit for campus recruitment.
  17. Digitally automated library with more than 22,000 national and international books and journals.
  18. Hi-tech state-of-the-art computer labs with over 1000 high-end computing terminals.
  19. Tie-up with industry for summer and final placements
  20. Opportunity to Earn while you Learn.
  21. Ranked as A++ institute by Business Standard.
  22. Ranked amongst top 5 B-Schools in western zone for IT education by Silicon India
  23. Strong strategic alliances with IT & Non-IT sectors, and a strong presence in the industrial sector in India and abroad.
  24. 1st time in india, the harvard business school has collaborated with the ASM Group of Institutes on their HBX CORe programme (A initiate by Harvard Business School)

So, what are you waiting for? Apply today!
Admissions for the academic year 2017-2018 are open now.

ASM’s IBMR (DTE code: 6102)
ASM’s IMCOST (DTE code: 3125)

For Admissions:

Mob: 9422009207 /09/10/12

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Why is MBA a good idea?

“Mera beta MBA karega aur papa ka naam roshan karega!”
An MBA course is an excellent degree to pursue for a number of reasons. Learn why you should take up an MBA course and how can you give your career a kick-start.

Attractive Salary!
High paid jobs continue to attract millions of wide-eyed employees year after year, exactly the reason why MBA is admired among the graduates.
If you do some research into salaries paid out to an individual with an MBA versus salaries of those with other degrees you will see that there is a significant difference. The former is paid significantly higher.

Learn business, talk business!
Knowledge is the foundation of all great things. Get to learn business from the best minds in business as a part of your faculty and others invited to share their wealth of experience and knowledge with you.

Enhances Knowledge!
Many MBA graduates have found that this degree program has thoroughly enlightened them on certain aspects of life, especially concerning operations within the business world. While those without an MBA ponder endlessly and wonder how and why a particular business decision is made, an MBA graduate is able to relate, because they would have been taught beforehand. With an MBA, graduates acquire an in-depth view of the business world.

Be Your Own Boss!
With a Master in Business Administration, many graduates become young entrepreneurs. By enrolling in an MBA program, you can acquire the requisite knowledge and practices needed to potentially develop and operate your own businesses.

Enhances Communication Skills!
As part of an MBA program, en-rollers are taught how to speak clearly and distinctively. They are taught the art of language, how to add meaning to their words, how to develop effective and exceptional presentations, and overall, how to interact with others in and out of the classroom setting. These communication skills are invaluable in the business world.

Better career opportunities- An MBA program provides a more diverse and wider field for graduates to expand in. There are several core areas covered within an MBA program, including Human Resource, Statistics, Technology and Information Systems, Economics, and Finance. All these areas qualify an MBA graduate to pursue a career in multiple areas and business sectors as well as the public sector.
An MBA degree will fetch you everything you probably dreamt of and will certainly take you to place where at present you imagine yourself.
So MBA degree? Well, why not? Go for it!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Tips to score well in MAT- 2017

This year's last MAT exam is just around the corner and with candidates having to solve 200 questions in 150 minutes, it is necessary to understand which questions should be put more importance upon, and how the preparation should ideally be streamlined! Because it is your MAT score that will decide if you are eligible for the best of B-schools in India!

Few points to help you score well in MAT:

A net score of more than 82 marks (excluding GK score) is equivalent to an overall percentile of more than 99, while a net score more than 93 marks stands for a percentile of more than 99.9. To achieve this score, make sure to use these tips:
  • Always keep yourself updated with complete syllabus of MAT.
  • Make a time schedule and divide your time efficiently in each subject.
  • Solve as many previous years question papers, mock tests and online tests as you can.
  • Learn tricks, maths short-cuts, memory methods, so as to solve the tests papers in an easy and efficient manner.
  • Keep preparing your personal notes as you cover topics.
  • Make a strategy that how to answer the maximum number of questions in the limited time.
  • Don’t waste a lot of time in questions that are more time taking.
  • Lastly, be absolutely confident about attempting the exam.

Time division is essential in order to make sure that all the five sections of the entire paper can be attended properly. Following time division and the paper difficulty level should give you adequate time to attempt a balanced number of questions from each section, with the possibility of the best percentile:

Section name
No. of Questions
Suggested time
Difficulty Level
Language comprehension
30 min
Mathematical skills
40 min
Data Analysis & Sufficiency
35 min
Intelligence & critical reasoning
30 min
Indian and global environment
15 min
Moderately Difficult

Important dates:
Last day of application: 28th April; 20178
Offline exam: 7th May; 2017
Online Exam: 13th May; 2017

ASM group of Institutes wishes all the aspiring MAT candidates all the very best!

ASM’s IBMR (DTE code: 6102)
ASM’s IPS (DTE code: 6166)
ASM’s IIBR (DTE code: 6249)
ASM’s IMCOST (DTE code: 3125)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Management starts at Self

“It takes roughly 20% of our efforts in order to get 80% of the results”
-  Joseph M Juran

As students of Business School, we are literally entwined with the term ‘Management’. It is splashed across every book we go through and is cast off by every professor who teaches us.
It’s essence is present in different aspects of our daily lives, but only a few of us recognise it.

We all agree that  Management is mandatory at any organisation, but what’s essential is that it should be carried out by all individuals even at a personal level. When one learns to manage himself in a better manner, other things flow naturally. There are different kinds of management skills that one should be equipped with at all times, such as:

  • Time Management:
 Needless to say, we all have 24 hours in a day to do whatever we want. It means that this has to be wisely used  to reached college on time, relax with our family & friends, run errands and spend it on an another important stressbuster these days i.e. The internet.
  • Financial Management:
Budget, a term that all we all college goers are familiar with. We must be able to spend it sensibly i.e. Visit places, try different cuisines & save or invest a little portion of our income. The same knowledge can come handy later on when we earn and have to manage a larger sum.

  • Micro-Level Management:
This involves learning to communicate well with our peers. It is important that we know when to say Yes/No to an invitation and when to complete one work before committing to another. Body language also plays a role here, it is by the way we respond that the other individual understands us. Also remember, being a little efficient with tasks at hand can also spare us a great deal of time in future. Micro level tasks directly or indirectly affect the other two skills.

These management skills are quite easy to follow if we pay a little attention to ourselves.It is imperative that we also manage ourselves at an emotional and physical level. This is because our emotional intelligence and physical abilities also determine the kind of work we take up.To improve ourselves here, we can take up a sport, read, pursue hobbies etc.For it is only when we work on ourselves can we hope to perform triumphantly. Thus, Management does start at Self!