Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mindscape by ASM

Mindscape by ASM

ASM group of institutes understands the need to accept new techniques and methods of imparting knowledge to the students. It knows that maintaining the pace with newer methods, researches and industry applications help the students in the long run. Under this thought, in 2004-05, ASM started a case study competition called Mindscape which is India’s only Live Case Study Competition and is now in its 13th year!

Thought behind Mindscape:
  1. Practical Thinking: The management of ASM were very keen to bring such a platform on campus that’ll give the students a direct chance to learn and understand practical problems and their probable solutions.
  2. Interaction: The interaction that occurs between the students and the industry turns out to be beneficial for the students as well as the industry as both get a new perspective towards the study.
  3. Experience: A Live Case Study gives a huge exposure to students and they get an enriching experience of working along with the experts of various industries.
  4. Strengthen Institute-Industry Interaction: The alliance between an institute and an industry results in great relationship bringing mutual benefit to both! Such competitions allow them to strengthen that symbiotic bond!

2016 Mindscape:
The previous success of Mindscape competition has been a great boost to the institute and this year it is going to be bigger and better!
The entries are pouring in and the last date of submission is nearing! Here are the important dates to look out for:

  1. Last Date Of Registration along with soft copy of Presentation is 10th Oct, till 5 pm!
  2. Preliminary Rounds on 22nd Oct at 10 AM, at ASM’s IPS Auditorium!
  3. Final Presentation on 23rd Oct at 9.30 AM, at ASM Campus!

Things/Rules you must know about the Competition:
  1. The Case Study Resolution should be an outcome of team effort by industry executives of any industry.
  2. The participating teams should submit two hard copies and a soft copy of the presentation.
  3. The decision given by the jury will be final and binding on all the participants of the competition.
  4. On a blind review, cases will be shortlisted.
  5. Each team has to choose only one case from the case studies provided in the docket.
  6. Each team will have a total of 25 minutes including 5 minutes for Q&A.
  7. Each participating member/team will be awarded with a certificate of participation.
  8. The teams selected for the final presentation should be present at the ASM campus on 23rd October, 2016 at 9.30 am.
  9. All the shortlisted case studies will be published in ASM’s annual souvenir.
  10. There are 3 categories of trophies namely, Special Jury Trophy, Live Case Study Trophy and a Main Trophy.

To Participate, send your case studies with a title “MINDSCAPE CASE STUDY 2016 COMPETITION” to:
Prof. J. A. kulkarni
Visit the ASM Mindscape Page to know more.

Audyogik Shikshan Mandal is a group of Institutes in Pune under which various schools, colleges, junior colleges and institutes operate. Visit the Website or the Facebook page to know more about colleges, courses and campuses.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mr. Apurva Chamaria at ASM (VP & Head, Corporate Marketing, HCL Tech Ltd) At IPS, ASM

Session by Mr. Apurva Chamaria at ASM
(VP & Head, Corporate Marketing, HCL Tech Ltd)

An inspiring session by Mr. Apurva Chamaria was organized by ASM group of Institutes at Institute of Professional Studies, Pimpri, on 9th September at 12 noon. All the students along with ASM's Chairman Dr. Sandeep Pachpande attended the session. Prof. Meenakshi Singh welcomed and introduced the guest after which Mr. Apurva took the charge. His speech involved some great points such as:

1. Entrepreneurship:
He began with how today's generation should not restrict their knowledge and studies to job but should come up with their entrepreneurial ventures and build the ability to take risks. He in fact made it clear that the engineering knowledge would be more beneficial for the business.
He said that success of any enterprise depends on those who do not hesitate to work with others. A great team gives great results and to build a great team you need people who have a great:
  • IQ (Intelligent Quotient)
  • EQ (Emotional Quotient)
  • OQ (Operation Quotient)

2. Share what you know:
He admitted that the problem with the people in the big companies is that they do not share the information they have with anybody else. This bridge of lack of communication has to be filled for a company to progress. A short, effective and high quality communication is an art that the company's employees should learn and follow.

3. A Good Foundation for any Business Enterprise Requires:
  • Superior product
  • Optimization for growth
  • Knowledge of the competition
  • Priority to Employees
  • Attention towards Customers
  • Perfection and Dedication towards work

4. Leadership Skills:
He explained how for developing business new ideas are required which can come from anyone from a junior person to a lower level employee. Hence, listening to people is important for the success of the company.
He said that bad leaders bring bad time where as good leaders bring not just good time but a fortune of success!

5. Set High Goals for even the sky is NOT the limit now!
He explained how while setting business targets, one should have “unachievable goals” and should strive to achieve them with all his dedication. He said minds can be turned how we want and hence we should “try to imagine the unimaginable” which is out of box thinking.
He asked all the students to be fearless in every path they choose and to take failures sportingly which eventually will bear them fruits.

The highly motivating and innovative lecture concluded with a question answer session wherein the queries by students were efficiently and satisfactorily answered by the guest.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


9 AUG 2016, ASM Group of Institutes commenced its induction Program for MBA 2016 batch.
The event began with the lighting of lamp by Dr. Asha Pachpande, Dr. Sandeep Pachpande, Deepak Shikarpur, S.B.Mathur, Director General of ASM IIBR followed by Saraswati Vandana by MBA Senior students Deepika and Anu Vijaykumar.

Dr. Sandeep Pachpande then gave a welcome speech with motivational words to all MBA fresher students on how to plan next two years to make themselves good manager and stressed on skills management .He also shared his recent experience of Harvard business school learning with students. He guided students about importance to develop technical, business and soft skills which will lead them to better job opportunities in near future.

Chief guest Mr. Deepak Shikarpur talked about current trends in management and industry expectations with fresher. He also asked students their career goals. He gave some basic interview tips to students and told what all area they should work on in next two years. Mr. Shikarpur enlightened students with importance of foreign language and how it can add value to the CV of fresher students.

Asha Pachpande, Director ASM addressed the students by telling them to value time management, to attend classroom sessions and events for over all grooming. She also made students aware about 7Cs of communication which reduce the error while working.
Post lunch session consisted of Dr. Santosh Dastane who spoke about MBA curriculum and reason of change in syllabus and practical implementation rather than mugging up theories. He also stressed on case study methodology which will improve students’ analytical thinking. He revealed the importance of research in management and current market.

Mr. Ravi Bodani, Motivational speaker conducted various activities to let students know importance of working in group. He spoke about various personality traits and habits related to it. How a student can improve by working on their weaknesses? By citing various examples he showed how students commit mistakes frequently and asked them not to do the same in future for their own betterment. His interactive session helped students to learn a lot.

10th Aug, session started with a speech by Mr. Arun Firodia (Chairman Kinetic Group). His book, “Smart City “ A blue print of zero pollution sustainable smart industrial city was recently launched. He addressed students by saying that they should be innovative and create some new products and then brand them. He gave examples of Ola and Uber , CCD and Haldiram; how small concepts turn into big businesses. He motivated students to update themselves with current knowledge. He said, “Change in attitude can create a difference.”

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MBA & PGDM: New age Management Courses

Students are nowadays being very selective when it comes to taking admission in a certain institute and choosing the right course with the right specialization.
There are so many thoughts and questions revolving in their heads when they step out in the real world:
     1.      H.S.C done! What Next? BBA? B.Sc.? BCA? B.Com? BBM?
     2.      Graduation done! What Next? PG or Job?
     3.      PG Degree? Or PG Diploma?
     4.      PGDM course or MBA course?

In this era, where most of the students tend to take up Engineering or Medical, there are so many other fields which provide an enormous scope for career development. Out of which, MBA is widely known. MBA is the most popular choice of students when it comes to post graduation.
Why MBA?
     1.      MBA syllabus is interesting
     2.      MBA helps in management of one’s profession
     3.      MBA leads to better Placements
     4.      MBA gives Results
Also, the specialisation courses in MBA are varied like MBA in HR, MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Operations, MBA in IT, MBA in International Business, MBA in Foreign Trade etc. There are different types of management courses that students can take up as per their suitability;
     1.      PGDM- Post Graduate Diploma in Management
     2.      Part time MBA
     3.      Executive MBA
     4.      Distance MBA
     5.      Correspondence MBA

So, MBA is the course that will teach students all the life hacks necessary to lead a career of glory. Even after getting the Engineering or Medical degree, students find that doing an MBA course will give them a better hold on their profession and hence pursue MBA after graduation. It teaches them administration skills, management skills and relationship skills which eventually help them achieve all the goals in their respective careers.
 Difference between PGDM and MBA:

Institutes recognised by AICTE can honour the degree of PGDM.
Universities and institutes affiliated to University can honour the degree of MBA.
PGDM syllabus is designed by the institute based on the guidelines of the University.
MBA syllabus is designed and granted by the UGC.

So, PGDM is equivalent to MBA in all the aspects except for the degree that is honoured.
FACT: All the IIMs give PGDM degrees, not MBA!
There are many PGDM colleges, MBA colleges, business schools and Deemed Universities in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore that offer these courses. But still, Pune remains the first choice of selection for many students. So, selecting a college from Pune; the Oxford of the East would be the first stepping stone to one’s successful career.

ASM (Audyogik Shikshan Mandal) is an AICTE approved institute, affiliated to University of Pune and University of Mumbai. The various institutes under ASM are situated in PCMC and Thane which offer various ranges of management courses given by University of Pune and University of Mumbai respectively. Out of all these institutes, IBMR and IIBR are one of the top B-schools that offer PGDM courses and MBA courses along with other PG Diploma courses in Pune. These fields are one of those few which have huge placement opportunities and a great successful career.

Monday, July 18, 2016



    Journey of a student from a school till graduation or post graduation is always a great story in itself! Some may find their goals and some may find their passion. There will be some who will not find anything that interests them! This journey is guided, enlightened and recognised by one common factor; the teachers! And at the end, it all comes down to what your teacher inspired you to like, to dislike and to be.

    There always is one teacher, one personality, one friend or a mentor who makes all the difference. It’s not necessary the influencer will be from the school. The professor you disliked for all those years might do or say something on the last day of college in those last minutes of the farewell lecture which will give you an immense sense of gratitude and respect.

“What teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased” – Anonymous

    Teachers are inspiring, no matter what, either in teaching, understanding, talking, in conducting themselves or simply in listening. They make a never fading impression on the minds of thousands without realising the impact and its existence.

    Today is the occasion to acknowledge those influencers of your life and seek their blessings. Today is our very own, institutional and academic Thanks Giving Day; the Guru Purnima! But “Thank you” is an expression that comes readily to our mouth in tiniest of matters but these people deserve more than just a thank you. They deserve to be duly acknowledged and respected for the debts of knowledge we owe them. They deserve to know our feelings and our views for they were the people who ignited the fire in us and helped us become the masters of our fields!

    All these small-small memories and talks hold a very special place in our heart. This is the time to remember them and let them know that you are enormously grateful for all that they have done and are dominating your thoughts right now! Let them know that you will never forget to remember them no matter what day or what month!
But yes, remember to seek their blessings than saying thank you!

Happy Guru Purnima!