Monday, 18 July 2016



    Journey of a student from a school till graduation or post graduation is always a great story in itself! Some may find their goals and some may find their passion. There will be some who will not find anything that interests them! This journey is guided, enlightened and recognised by one common factor; the teachers! And at the end, it all comes down to what your teacher inspired you to like, to dislike and to be.

    There always is one teacher, one personality, one friend or a mentor who makes all the difference. It’s not necessary the influencer will be from the school. The professor you disliked for all those years might do or say something on the last day of college in those last minutes of the farewell lecture which will give you an immense sense of gratitude and respect.

“What teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased” – Anonymous

    Teachers are inspiring, no matter what, either in teaching, understanding, talking, in conducting themselves or simply in listening. They make a never fading impression on the minds of thousands without realising the impact and its existence.

    Today is the occasion to acknowledge those influencers of your life and seek their blessings. Today is our very own, institutional and academic Thanks Giving Day; the Guru Purnima! But “Thank you” is an expression that comes readily to our mouth in tiniest of matters but these people deserve more than just a thank you. They deserve to be duly acknowledged and respected for the debts of knowledge we owe them. They deserve to know our feelings and our views for they were the people who ignited the fire in us and helped us become the masters of our fields!

    All these small-small memories and talks hold a very special place in our heart. This is the time to remember them and let them know that you are enormously grateful for all that they have done and are dominating your thoughts right now! Let them know that you will never forget to remember them no matter what day or what month!
But yes, remember to seek their blessings than saying thank you!

Happy Guru Purnima!


  1.  Whenever I wanted inspiration, You were there to guide and be, Thanks Guru for being, Such a pillar of support for me, Happy Guru Purnima

    -Darshan Subhash Jain

    1. Thank You so much Darshan for such beautiful words. May god bless you with success in every walk of your life.