Wednesday, 20 July 2016

MBA & PGDM: New age Management Courses

Students are nowadays being very selective when it comes to taking admission in a certain institute and choosing the right course with the right specialization.
There are so many thoughts and questions revolving in their heads when they step out in the real world:
     1.      H.S.C done! What Next? BBA? B.Sc.? BCA? B.Com? BBM?
     2.      Graduation done! What Next? PG or Job?
     3.      PG Degree? Or PG Diploma?
     4.      PGDM course or MBA course?

In this era, where most of the students tend to take up Engineering or Medical, there are so many other fields which provide an enormous scope for career development. Out of which, MBA is widely known. MBA is the most popular choice of students when it comes to post graduation.
Why MBA?
     1.      MBA syllabus is interesting
     2.      MBA helps in management of one’s profession
     3.      MBA leads to better Placements
     4.      MBA gives Results
Also, the specialisation courses in MBA are varied like MBA in HR, MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Operations, MBA in IT, MBA in International Business, MBA in Foreign Trade etc. There are different types of management courses that students can take up as per their suitability;
     1.      PGDM- Post Graduate Diploma in Management
     2.      Part time MBA
     3.      Executive MBA
     4.      Distance MBA
     5.      Correspondence MBA

So, MBA is the course that will teach students all the life hacks necessary to lead a career of glory. Even after getting the Engineering or Medical degree, students find that doing an MBA course will give them a better hold on their profession and hence pursue MBA after graduation. It teaches them administration skills, management skills and relationship skills which eventually help them achieve all the goals in their respective careers.
 Difference between PGDM and MBA:

Institutes recognised by AICTE can honour the degree of PGDM.
Universities and institutes affiliated to University can honour the degree of MBA.
PGDM syllabus is designed by the institute based on the guidelines of the University.
MBA syllabus is designed and granted by the UGC.

So, PGDM is equivalent to MBA in all the aspects except for the degree that is honoured.
FACT: All the IIMs give PGDM degrees, not MBA!
There are many PGDM colleges, MBA colleges, business schools and Deemed Universities in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore that offer these courses. But still, Pune remains the first choice of selection for many students. So, selecting a college from Pune; the Oxford of the East would be the first stepping stone to one’s successful career.

ASM (Audyogik Shikshan Mandal) is an AICTE approved institute, affiliated to University of Pune and University of Mumbai. The various institutes under ASM are situated in PCMC and Thane which offer various ranges of management courses given by University of Pune and University of Mumbai respectively. Out of all these institutes, IBMR and IIBR are one of the top B-schools that offer PGDM courses and MBA courses along with other PG Diploma courses in Pune. These fields are one of those few which have huge placement opportunities and a great successful career.

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