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Mindscape by ASM

Mindscape by ASM

ASM group of institutes understands the need to accept new techniques and methods of imparting knowledge to the students. It knows that maintaining the pace with newer methods, researches and industry applications help the students in the long run. Under this thought, in 2004-05, ASM started a case study competition called Mindscape which is India’s only Live Case Study Competition and is now in its 13th year!

Thought behind Mindscape:
  1. Practical Thinking: The management of ASM were very keen to bring such a platform on campus that’ll give the students a direct chance to learn and understand practical problems and their probable solutions.
  2. Interaction: The interaction that occurs between the students and the industry turns out to be beneficial for the students as well as the industry as both get a new perspective towards the study.
  3. Experience: A Live Case Study gives a huge exposure to students and they get an enriching experience of working along with the experts of various industries.
  4. Strengthen Institute-Industry Interaction: The alliance between an institute and an industry results in great relationship bringing mutual benefit to both! Such competitions allow them to strengthen that symbiotic bond!

2016 Mindscape:
The previous success of Mindscape competition has been a great boost to the institute and this year it is going to be bigger and better!
The entries are pouring in and the last date of submission is nearing! Here are the important dates to look out for:

  1. Last Date Of Registration along with soft copy of Presentation is 10th Oct, till 5 pm!
  2. Preliminary Rounds on 22nd Oct at 10 AM, at ASM’s IPS Auditorium!
  3. Final Presentation on 23rd Oct at 9.30 AM, at ASM Campus!

Things/Rules you must know about the Competition:
  1. The Case Study Resolution should be an outcome of team effort by industry executives of any industry.
  2. The participating teams should submit two hard copies and a soft copy of the presentation.
  3. The decision given by the jury will be final and binding on all the participants of the competition.
  4. On a blind review, cases will be shortlisted.
  5. Each team has to choose only one case from the case studies provided in the docket.
  6. Each team will have a total of 25 minutes including 5 minutes for Q&A.
  7. Each participating member/team will be awarded with a certificate of participation.
  8. The teams selected for the final presentation should be present at the ASM campus on 23rd October, 2016 at 9.30 am.
  9. All the shortlisted case studies will be published in ASM’s annual souvenir.
  10. There are 3 categories of trophies namely, Special Jury Trophy, Live Case Study Trophy and a Main Trophy.

To Participate, send your case studies with a title “MINDSCAPE CASE STUDY 2016 COMPETITION” to:
Prof. J. A. kulkarni
Visit the ASM Mindscape Page to know more.

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