Friday, 16 September 2016

Mr. Apurva Chamaria at ASM (VP & Head, Corporate Marketing, HCL Tech Ltd) At IPS, ASM

Session by Mr. Apurva Chamaria at ASM
(VP & Head, Corporate Marketing, HCL Tech Ltd)

An inspiring session by Mr. Apurva Chamaria was organized by ASM group of Institutes at Institute of Professional Studies, Pimpri, on 9th September at 12 noon. All the students along with ASM's Chairman Dr. Sandeep Pachpande attended the session. Prof. Meenakshi Singh welcomed and introduced the guest after which Mr. Apurva took the charge. His speech involved some great points such as:

1. Entrepreneurship:
He began with how today's generation should not restrict their knowledge and studies to job but should come up with their entrepreneurial ventures and build the ability to take risks. He in fact made it clear that the engineering knowledge would be more beneficial for the business.
He said that success of any enterprise depends on those who do not hesitate to work with others. A great team gives great results and to build a great team you need people who have a great:
  • IQ (Intelligent Quotient)
  • EQ (Emotional Quotient)
  • OQ (Operation Quotient)

2. Share what you know:
He admitted that the problem with the people in the big companies is that they do not share the information they have with anybody else. This bridge of lack of communication has to be filled for a company to progress. A short, effective and high quality communication is an art that the company's employees should learn and follow.

3. A Good Foundation for any Business Enterprise Requires:
  • Superior product
  • Optimization for growth
  • Knowledge of the competition
  • Priority to Employees
  • Attention towards Customers
  • Perfection and Dedication towards work

4. Leadership Skills:
He explained how for developing business new ideas are required which can come from anyone from a junior person to a lower level employee. Hence, listening to people is important for the success of the company.
He said that bad leaders bring bad time where as good leaders bring not just good time but a fortune of success!

5. Set High Goals for even the sky is NOT the limit now!
He explained how while setting business targets, one should have “unachievable goals” and should strive to achieve them with all his dedication. He said minds can be turned how we want and hence we should “try to imagine the unimaginable” which is out of box thinking.
He asked all the students to be fearless in every path they choose and to take failures sportingly which eventually will bear them fruits.

The highly motivating and innovative lecture concluded with a question answer session wherein the queries by students were efficiently and satisfactorily answered by the guest.

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