Friday, 1 July 2016

How can college be your fairy god-mother?

We all grew up watching up fairy-tales and deep down on the inside we wished for one, a fairy-godmother that eliminates our troubles with spells and sparkles and puts a smile on our face.
How about we reveal a little secret about you getting your wish fulfilled already and about encountering your fairy god mother in the most unexpected way possible- College! Ta-da!!!
Admit it or not but you have always dreamt about your college life since you first saw ‘Kuch Kuch Hota hai’ and now you are pretty much living it.
College life is that part of your life that you will cherish for a lifetime. That is when you will realize that your college has given you so much besides the classroom knowledge. Then you will know that “college was your fairy god -mother “in real sense. Read on to know how college does its part of being your fairy god mother.

1. Go, get going spirit.
No matter how hard situations become, over time you happen to gain the mental strength and power to cope up with the pressure and stress. Initially it is hard for a student to gain momentum of his life when he/she is on his own and is responsible for himself. Whether it is a college assignment or taking any other important decision, you do not stop by any failure or a bad result. Your fairy god mother gets you going and keeps blessing you with motivation and zeal to live.  
2. Urge to learn and explore.
There is so much that keeps on happening around you the whole day. There are so many people around who are good in something or the other; this makes you interested in knowing and imbibing their skills and knowledge. Away from your hometown there is so much that you get to see and learn, if you are a true explorer and an adventurous person anything and everything will let you explore and innovate.
3.Every day a new lesson to learn.
Each day brings new adventures and lessons that teach you something new and interesting. Whether it’s a lecture or a new spot exploration you never refrain yourself from doing stuff.

4. Live like nobody is watching.
You live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that you can have if you seek with your eyes open and live like nobody is watching. You get a chance to fulfil your “bucket list” and groom yourself for your future life.

5. Experience the sense of ‘personal responsibility’.
You are no more in a cocoon; you become an individual who is responsible for his own. You start taking your own decisions and start gaining the confidence to face the world. No matter how difficult the situation is you always tend to find out some solution to get over it.

6. Artistic point of view.
“The artist lives, to have stories to tell “. There may be multiple stories and situations when you just like an artist came up with an idea of reinvention or a creative solution to a problem. It is just because of change in your thought process. Over time you master the art of not doing different things but doing things in a different and unique manner.

7. Enhance the knowledge pie.
Feeling confused???
Don’t worry you will get it.
Read again!



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