Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Management starts at Self

“It takes roughly 20% of our efforts in order to get 80% of the results”
-  Joseph M Juran

As students of Business School, we are literally entwined with the term ‘Management’. It is splashed across every book we go through and is cast off by every professor who teaches us.
It’s essence is present in different aspects of our daily lives, but only a few of us recognise it.

We all agree that  Management is mandatory at any organisation, but what’s essential is that it should be carried out by all individuals even at a personal level. When one learns to manage himself in a better manner, other things flow naturally. There are different kinds of management skills that one should be equipped with at all times, such as:

  • Time Management:
 Needless to say, we all have 24 hours in a day to do whatever we want. It means that this has to be wisely used  to reached college on time, relax with our family & friends, run errands and spend it on an another important stressbuster these days i.e. The internet.
  • Financial Management:
Budget, a term that all we all college goers are familiar with. We must be able to spend it sensibly i.e. Visit places, try different cuisines & save or invest a little portion of our income. The same knowledge can come handy later on when we earn and have to manage a larger sum.

  • Micro-Level Management:
This involves learning to communicate well with our peers. It is important that we know when to say Yes/No to an invitation and when to complete one work before committing to another. Body language also plays a role here, it is by the way we respond that the other individual understands us. Also remember, being a little efficient with tasks at hand can also spare us a great deal of time in future. Micro level tasks directly or indirectly affect the other two skills.

These management skills are quite easy to follow if we pay a little attention to ourselves.It is imperative that we also manage ourselves at an emotional and physical level. This is because our emotional intelligence and physical abilities also determine the kind of work we take up.To improve ourselves here, we can take up a sport, read, pursue hobbies etc.For it is only when we work on ourselves can we hope to perform triumphantly. Thus, Management does start at Self!

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