Saturday, 16 April 2016

How to Crack MBA Entrance Examinations ?

Masters of Business Administration is a good option for those who want to make their career in the management field. MBA is considered as one of the most valuable Post Graduate degrees in this country. An MBA is required for getting into executive and senior management positions of any company. But getting into a good B-School is not an easy task, it takes weeks of hard work and dedication. The only thing that one can do is work really hard. There is no substitute for hard work. Anyone who is willing to put in efforts, will get the result.
Here are some ways that will help you to crack the MBA entrance exams:

·         Analyse your strengths and weaknesses:-
To crack any management entrance exam, self-awareness about your strengths,
Weaknesses and aspirations is the most important factor. If you are confident about your goal, half the battle is already won.

·        Be thorough with your fundamentals:-
Revisions of the fundamentals of each topic are extremely crucial to secure a good score.

·        Time versus Target:-
While preparing your plan of action for the CAT exam, fastidiously implement the concept of "time v/s target" i.e. completing any particular portion of a subject or topic in an assigned time period.

·        Practice your shortcuts well:-
Although management exams are traditionally conceptual exams based on core fundamentals, being conversant with all the shortcuts would help you to solve various problems with greater speed.

·        Remember the larger goal:-
Apart from focusing on cracking the exam, you should not forget that excelling in this exam would bring you closer to your larger goal of making it big in the corporate world and that would, in turn, enable you to imbibe the much needed perseverance, dedication and grit required to ace the exam.

·        Beyond Studies:-
We know it’s important to study hard and spend a few hours daily on preparation but it is also important to have time for yourself for doing things that you enjoy in order to feel refreshed. 

·        Practice the verbal section thoroughly and learn at least 10-20 new English words everyday.
·        Solve as many mock Question Papers as you can.

Talk to people who have done it in the past. Have a positive frame of mind throughout. Work hard, work smart and All the best

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