Thursday, 26 May 2016

Career Opportunities in International Business

Today a lot of businesses have expanded so much that there seems to be no boundaries restricting them to just one location. Enter Globalization. Does this pique your curiosity in knowing how exactly are these businesses run across the globe? If your answer is “yes” then MBA in International Business can render this down for you.

MBA in International Business is a special course where you get to learn about different fields of management with an extra knowledge about foreign policies with respect to trade laws- Import/Export, International Labour laws, negotiation skills, global marketing, global economics etc. With this degree you will get an in depth knowledge about a wide range of operations and functions that go behind any business that runs on a global level.

Scope of MBA in International Business-

Many foreign companies are now investing in India thanks to the Make in India campaign. Many Indian manufacturers since a very long time have been exporting goods to other countries and day by day the number of such exporters is only increasing. A large number of Indian companies are also setting up their operations in foreign countries. So all these companies need managers who understand foreign policies and can help them in set up and run their operations smoothly. To know more about what you can get out of MBA in International Business watch the video below. Video originally created by and shared by ASM Group of Institutes.

ASM Group of Institutes provide PGDM as well as MBA in International Business. ASM has 21 years of track record and is rated amongst Top B-Schools in India. So if you are interested in MBA in International Business then ASM is the name you should look for.


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