Wednesday, 2 March 2016

ASM Seattle Degree Course

About Seattle University:

City University is a private, non-profit university whose goal is to change lifestyle by offering high class education options for every person in the world. It offers curriculum, flexible learning options and services to fulfill your educational goals.

  1.        Dual specialization from the starting of your course.
  2.        Joint PGDM-MBA course with students studying in IIBR and the City University of Seattle.
  3.        Excellent exposure to foreign languages and global culture.
  4.        Approved by All India Council of Technical Education. The course is designed with the      support of leading industrialists and updated every year to meet the current industry trends.
  5.        Regular workshops, lectures and seminars from foreign faculty.
PGDM + MBA Course

The main objective is to provide the knowledge and skills to the students. Lots of exercise to develop leadership and team work skills in which students can get to know about new colleagues.
After the course completion, students can join industries of their choice in any sectors like Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain, IT and many more.

Course Structure:

The first year PGDM two-week program is to develop essential skills among students. We will use the effective teaching – learning process for successful completion of PGDM course.

PGDM: Term- I (Common to all Specializations)               

Essential of Business Management         
Global Managerial Business Communication
Research Methodology & Quantitative Techniques
Managerial Accounting 
HRM and People & Systems in Organization       

PGDM: Term - II (Common to all Specializations)

IT & Managing with Technology
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Management of Business Operations
Managerial Economics

PGDM: Term III (Common to all Specializations)             
Strategic Financial Management              
Entrepreneurship Development & Project Management             
Applied Managerial Economics 
Business Strategies        
Elective Courses (Specializations)
5 Major Elective - I
Project for two months
Second Year- City University of Seattle
Internationally Recognized Courses with Credits Transfer Option to City University of Seattle, USA

Term IV: Compulsory Course (Common to all Specializations)   

Essential of Business Management         
Business Environment (Indian & World Economy)            
Laws for Global Business
Elective Courses (Specializations)
Major Elective - II
Minor Elective - I             
ASM's IIBR training programs mainly focuses on issues related to business environment scanning, industry analysis, strategic control and effective allocation of organizational resources. This is how ASM's IIBR students can be fully prepared for managerial responsibilities.

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