Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Growing Relevance of PGDFT Courses in Pune

The growing importance and rising relevance of international business and foreign trade signifies the importance of PGDFT courses in Pune. The city has numerous high schools and colleges, which provide Post Graduate Diploma courses in Foreign Trade and each year several aspiring students enroll for the course. Trading associations with foreign countries has been present since years and the same has undergone structural transformations with technological, financial, legal and political modifications and advancements.

The Role of PGDFT Courses in Today’s Scenario
To a common man, trading with a foreign land may just appear to be a process of sale and purchase in lieu of foreign currency; however, foreign trade comes with considerable and diverse variables ruled by the social, cultural, economic and political elements of the countries involved in trading. Hence, the PGDFT courses in Pune aim at providing necessary professional training and practical lessons that would prepare the students to face the challenges in the foreign trade market.

How ASM-IBMR is Adding Value to Foreign Trade Courses?
We, at ASM-IBMR are sincerely working towards developing students and preparing them to be next-generation business and trading executives in order to meet the country’s growing requirements in the domain of Foreign Trade Management. Our comprehensive course structure is prepared in way that it aims at providing maximum insights and professional learning related to the world of foreign trade and international business.

What are the Benefits of choosing ASM-IBMR as the provider of PGDFT Courses in Pune?
At ASM-IBMR we are always aware of the changing and unique challenges, opportunities and limitations of the foreign trade market and hence our students reap the following benefits on partnering with us:

• We help students to develop a holistic and practical understanding of the foreign trade market and its varied tactics and loopholes and we impart this through our realistic approach of teaching and professional training.

• Our course structure makes sure that students are aware of the ever-changing geo-political, social and economic scenario of countries and how the same affect the international financial, economic and trade relations, government procedures and administrative decisions.

• We provide a wide gamut of lucrative employment opportunities in both public, government, corporate and private sectors that deal with foreign trading processes.

• Our robust course structure includes most relevant and recommended subjects like International Marketing, Managerial Economics, International Logistics, Export and Import Procedure, Quantitative Methods and more are excellent to imbibe maximum knowledge about the domain. For more information visit us or you can also call us on 020-27475090 / 27478666 / 27461804 / 66351700.

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