Thursday, 12 September 2013

Why Pursue Master in Human Resource Development Management from ASM?

Human resources are essential for the successful execution of various business operations. Organizations will not achieve success and will not grow further without the support of efficient human resources. Managements of today’s business firms are well aware of the importance of keeping their employees satisfied at their work places. Hence, they hire trained professionals to manage their resources, develop their skills and motivate them for higher levels of attainments. We, ASM-IMCOST offer a three years master degree course in Master in Human Resource Development Management (MHRDM) and deliver proficient human resource professionals to wide ranges of industries.

ASM-IMCOST part time MHRDM course trains students to manage human resources and develops them to meet the goals and visions of their organizations. Along with supporting employees to fulfill their goals, these professionals also contribute substantially to the growth of organizations.

A brief on ASM-IMCOST MHRDM course structure

A clear understanding of various human resource management theories and practices is must in order to manage human resources efficiently. Also, in this highly competitive world, it is important to gain adequate knowledge and develop soft skills to get placed in reputed companies. Moreover, almost all the top companies conduct several rounds of interviews to test the knowledge level of candidates. We know the industry expectations; hence we have designed a curriculum that covers major concepts and theories of human resource management.

During the three years of the course, you will gain enough knowledge on Financial Accounting, Business Law, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Effective Communication, Manpower Planning, International Personnel Management, Personnel Finance and Marketing Personnel and Management of Environment and Productivity Techniques.

Master in Human Resource Development Management which is affiliated to Mumbai University provides you immense career opportunities in public and private sector organizations. A detailed course overview has been provided at our website. Please have a look on our webpage to know more about the course.

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