Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Overview of ASM Group of Colleges and Their Achievements

ASM Group is acclaimed for its quality education and proficient staff. A well established group with various disciplines of education, ASM group of college has won recognition for themselves. With a mission to provide students with complete excellence and intellectual soundness, ASM create difference in their functionality. Today, if you review the market and look for the most eligible college that would make your dreams come true, you would only find ASM group with a magic wand. Recognized for enriching and polishing traits of students, this group has broadened their horizon in diverse field of education. While making a valuable contribution to the society, they train leaders for the nation to progress.

ASM lays its roots in complete business ethics. Founded with a sole aim to impart brilliance in education and carve future of students, they are admired for their long years of experience. Renowned for a span of 25 years with a well to do in academic career, they have build leaders for the organizations. With a motive to integrate not only intellectual perfectness in candidates, they have given society a complete and responsible human being. While cultivating essence and value to education, they hold strong roots in professionalism. Nurtured by dynamic personalities and mentors with a vision of distinction, ASM helps you to progress.

Appreciated for many credentials and awards in their name, ASM has proved its worth. Bagged for quality and technical knowledge it has registered itself among top colleges and institutions. With a smart move and sound intellectual data the faculties and students have proved themselves at national and international sphere. While participating in research, case studies, analytical, subjective presentations, ASM tags its achievements with glory.
With many awards and acclamation towards their contributions made in the field of research and management they spell their eminence and stupendous performance in professional education. While awarding young achievers for their immense talent and knowledge, ASM has coined confidence and strength in the minds of young professionals to conquer business world.

Set up in Pune district, the Indian state of Maharashtra, this institution given a clear access to students from this region and also other parts of pune. With ease to locate ASM has its strong infrastructure at MIDC, Block ‘C’ Chinchwad, located to the North West of pune, Chinchwad.

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